05.05.2023 (translated by Google)

The commercial success of a website depends primarily on the good visibility (ranking positions) of the published advertising info texts in as many relevant search engines as possible.

Crucial to the success of a website is the number of referring quality backlinks, which emanate from reputable websites, which in turn have many quality backlinks pointing to. These newly generated backlinks ensure numerous additional visual contacts to the members of the target groups.

Several hundred thousand quality backlinks refer to the portal website https://www.medizin-2000.de of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000, which direct potential customers/internet users to the numerous topic-specific medical micro-websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin refer 2000.

For years, this has resulted in significantly more than one million views each month of the posted HTML text pages and the embedded information on companies, websites, products and services.
Since the Google search engine is viewed critically by many people due to its excessive data collection frenzy and the manipulative "Google filter bubble" that impedes objective opinion-forming, the team at Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 only uses Google if this cannot be avoided.

The Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 team prefers search engines whose search algorithm is based on the evaluation of the Microsoft Bing search index, which contains many billions of data sets - such as DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Fireball, Lycos, MetaGer, QWant, SwissCows, Yahoo and also the Russian search engine Yandex, which uses its own generic data pool to answer search queries.

Search engines that manipulate the sorting of the listed links less than Google and that sometimes collect less personal data and forward it to opaque channels.

In the search engines, the links to the medical micro-websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 achieve an optimal ranking on page 1 of the generated link lists in the popular link segment 1.-5 for many popular key search terms. , or 1.-10..

In order to demonstrate the perfect visibility of the medicine micro-websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 to potential cooperation partners, we have listed the ranking positions of some popular key search terms relating to medicine, health and well-being as an example:

Ranking in Microsoft Bing here

Ranking in Google here:

Ranking in Yandex here:

Ranking according to subject areas of the pre-sorted pressreleases  here: