The Info-Netzwerk Medizin 200 and the special project  LaHave Media Services (LHMS) is publishing many medical-micro-websites. These  websites are very popular and publish text  in German and English.

Our logfiles show that the html-webpages are requested each day  up to 50.000 times.

Backlink-trackers found and indexed nearly 500.000 high-quality backlinks   that are leading internet users to the popular medical-websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000

Due to the number and high quality of the external backlinks, the ranking of many websites of the  Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000,  is very good in  leading search engines like  Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Fireball, Google, MetaGER, QWant, SwissCows, Yahoo  and Yandex.

Many links that are leading users to the websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 are placed in the generated  link-listings of many search engines on page 1 in the popular  link-segment 1.-10. . Or even in 1/1

These medical-micro-websites are publishing collected scientific information concerning specific areas of medicine,  healthcare and wellness.

Its common knowledge that most commercial websites are not very successful in obtaining a good visibility in the search engines - on page one in the popular link segment 1.-10..

These gaps concerning the visibility  of the posted promotional information can be attributed to these important factors that are difficult to overcome:

1. there are too many competitors that offer nearly similar products and services. Without offering products with unique selling propositions it is nearly impossible to obtain a good visibility of the posted promotional information that would help with the online marketing ( links on page 1 of a generated link-listing, placed in the popular link-segment  1.-10..

2. there are not enough high-quality-backlinks compared to the competition - links that are leading internet-users to a  specific company-website, where  promotional information is posted.

To solve these general problems,   the seo-decision-makers of a company should consider a cooperation with the external service provider   Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000  that obtained a perfect visibility. 

Our  websites   are offering  professional support to improve the visibility of promotional information concerning a company, special fields of competence, products and/or services. 

After starting a cooperation   the improvement of the visibility  could be observed within just a few days.

The Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 would publish promotional information and ads concerning the company, the products and the offered services of an cooperating business-partner.
The offered services are listed here:

1. publishing promotional information (full text) either
on a single website or a group of thematically fitting websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000


2. publishing two multiline teasers on all pages of the  websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000.

The logfiles show that  these html-webpages, that could contain the promotional information of cooperating partners,   are requested each day up to 50.000 times.

In addition to the services that would improve the visibility of the published promotional information,  the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000  could also publish newsletters, press-releases and video-features  on webpages that are specialized for these services - and also on our own Twitter/X channel.


You can read information concerning the editor in chief of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 - Jochen H. Kubitschek, M.D. - here