Jochen H. Kubitschek, M.D.,  owner, publisher and  editor in chief of the Info-Netzwerk MEDIZIN 2000 that interconnects many  medical micro websites, published in German, studied medicine at the University of Hamburg (Germany),  and also wrote his (MD) thesis there.

In the years after finishing his scientific medical education at the University of Hamburg he started w
orking as a science- writer for leading publishing houses  in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for public radio stations  and also for leading media agencies,  specialised in medicine and health pr-services.

Some years later Jochen H.Kubitschek M.D. started to work as a GP in his own rural  medical practice - specialised in family medicine.
After he passed on his practice to a successor he went back to medical writing and working as a consultant, specialised in online marketing and online public relations - and started publishing a growing number of medical-micro-websites  - cooperating with  pharmaceutical- and medtech-companies  of all sizes.

Today  Jochen H. Kubitschek M.D.  is publishing many medical-micro-websites containing many html-text-pages.  He is offering cooperating partners to publish  their promotional scientific information and ads on the websites of the Ino-Netzwerk Medizin 2000. Websites that have a perfect visibility and ranking  in leading search engines like Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Google, SwissCows and Yandex.

The websites of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin 2000 are requested   each day up to 60.000 times  (pageviews). Today nearly 400.000 high-quality backlinks are leading internet users to the portal website of the Info-Netzwerk Medizin-2000 and the existing sub-domains.

You can find more information concerning the  offered services  here